Riga City Race

1st bulletin


Organising team

  • Event is organised by Latvian Orienteering Federation and in co-operation with Riga municipality Education, Culture and Sports Department
  • Event director – Matīss Ratnieks, e-mail: info@olatvija.lv, phone.nr +371 202522822
  • Course setter: Alvis Reinsons, epasts: alvis.reinsons@gmail.com , tel.nr. +371 26751355



2nd September 2017, Saturday, from 13:00 invidiual sprint. Competition center – culture center “Rītausma” (Kandavas iela 27). Scheme: here

  • From 12:00 opened registration
  • From 13:00 start in individual distance
  • 15:00 or earlier – prize giving


Competition area: here



MW 12,14,16,21,35,45,55, OPEN1, OPEN2

OPEN1 – technically easy and short course

OPEN2 – average complexity and length course.



Course length calculated from the optimal route avoiding uncrossable obstacles.

Class Length (km) KP Class Length (km) KP
M12 3,9 15 W12 2,7 12
M14 5,0 20 W14 3,9 15
M16 5,4 19 W16 5,0 20
M21 7,7 29 W21 5,4 19
M35 5,4 19 W35 5,0 20
M45 5,0 20 W45 3,9 15
M55 3,9 15 W55 2,7 12
OPEN1 1,7 9 OPEN2 2,5 11


Punching system

SportIdent will be used.Competitors will be able to hire SI card for 1 EUR.


Start procedure

One minute interval start is used on both days.

There will be 2 minute prestart on both days.

Control descriptions will be given at the registration.

-2 minutes Participant punches CLEAR and CHECK SI stations and enters starting corridor

-1 minutes Participant approaches map boxes and chooses according to his class

0 minute Participant grabs a map and starts the race


*OPEN classes start in freely chosen time


Entry fee

Entry deadline MW21 MW35-55, OPEN MW12-16
 Till 20.08. 7 € 6 € 4 €
Till 28.08 8 € 7 € 5 €
Till competition day 14 € 12 € 9 €



Till 28.08., using ONLINE entry form.

Applications to vacant places with higher entry fee send to e-mail: info@olatvija.lv.

Entry fee has to be transferred to Latvian Orienteering federation bank account or have to be paid in cash in competition center


LOF requisities


Reģ.Nr.: 40008021960

IBAN: LV14RIKO0002013111372

DnB Banka
Adress: Grostonas iela 6b, Rīga, LV-1013, Latvija
If bill is required, write to lof@lof.lv


Prize giving

1st – 3rd places in each class with sweet prizes.


Embargoed areas

Closed area: here

Below shown area in scheme is forbidden for orienteering trainings and especially for getting known to area. Please take in consideration fair play rules!


Map and terrain

Dzirciems R, map maker: A. Reinsons. M 1:5000, h 2.5m


Competition area

Dzirciems R, map maker: A. Reinsons. M 1:5000, h 2,5 m. Map made during the summer of  2017 according to ISSOM 2007.

Competitors have to use the crossing points as shown in the map (708. symbol according to ISSOM 2007). There are 3 crossing points in overall. Between two of them there is construction going on (709 – out-of-bonds area), which cannot be crossed (otherwise competitor will be disqualified). Competitors must be extra careful at these places – beware of the cars and trams (tram is passing by ~2 times per hour)! The mentioned places are shown in the following pictures.


Competitors responsibility

  • Every adult competitor is responsible for his own health status which has to be confirmed by signature in application when registering in competition center
  • Persons younger than 18 have to have signature from their trainer or one of parents



Other information

  • Additional information: http:/facebook.com/rigacityrace
  • Competition takes place according to LOF OS sprinta rules and ISSOM 2007 specification – competitors can be disqualified for crossing forbidden areas that are marked in map as uncrossable.
  • Competition takes place with interval start